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Chris Colfer Worried About Losing Virginity on 'Glee'

'Glee' star Chris Colfer is worried about how fans of the show will react when his gay character, Kurt Hummel, loses his virginity in an episode entitled 'The First Time,' airing this Tuesday night.

He tells “It covers a very sensitive topic, and I think the show is infamous for handling sensitive topics with care. When I found out the concept for 'The First Time,' I remember Ryan (Murphy, the show’s creator) came up to Darren and I and told us what was going on, Darren and I looked at each other with huge, wide eyes and went, 'What? That’s going to happen?'"

“We got a little scared when we first found out, but when we got the script of course it was fine. Everything that I thought would scare me and make me cringe was sweet and emotional."

“We get negative reactions if I wear an orange scarf with white pants! So I’m sure there will be some negative feedback, there always is no matter what the episode is about. I think it’s a huge deal that this is the first time something like this has been shown on television, but I think it’s handled so delicately and sweetly that I don’t think it will have quite the shock factor that people are thinking. I mean, I could be wrong.”


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