Chris Colfer Dishes on Lindsay Lohan’s 'Glee' Appearance

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Major details about Lindsay Lohan‘s appearance on Glee to air next month are being kept tightly under wraps, but Chris Colfer AKA Kurt Hummel hasn’t been shy about voicing his support of the actress.

While he can’t say much, he did tell Celebuzz during the Tribeca Film Festival that she’s going to be “damn funny”. Besides Glee, Colfer has a big year for himself this year as well. He debuted his first screenplay, Struck By Lightening, at the Tribeca Film Festival as well. He admits that he’s been giddy and terrified at the same time. However, his debut garnered cheers and applause from fans and friends, including Glee co-stars Amber Riley and Ashley Fink, and Harry Potter actress Emma Watson.


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