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Chris Brown's New Song 'I Cant Win,' Is It About Rihanna?

Chris Brown and Rihanna are reportedly on the outs with each other again and today he released a new song entitled I Can't Win possibly about their tension in the relationship. The lyrics suggest some problems between the couple, if Brown is referring to Rihanna.

"Tell me what did I do/To make you hate me so much/Why you angry all the time?/Why don’t you wanna ride for me?/Girl, we used to make love/When you called, I would follow/Now the only thing you love is a bottle/The only thing you got left is a shadow/Don’t let this s*** come between us/I’m wrong you’re right, its okay with my heart/But its not how its supposed to be/You always say I’m done and finished/F*** it, I’m wrong you’re right/Please God help us/I guess I’m gonna leave it up to you tonight," Brown sings in one verse of the song.

Brown and Rihanna have not been seen together in a few weeks. Over the weekend Brown stopped following Rihanna on Twitter after she started following Drake. Rihanna still follows Brown.


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