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Chris Brown Refuses to Stand During Standing Ovation for Frank Ocean (Video)

If you've got even a halfway decent memory, the words "Chris Brown" and "the Grammys" also conjure up the words "savage beating" and "Jesus, what the fuck did he do to her face" so it shouldn't be much of a surprise that he was a dick at the Grammys last night, too.

He didn't actually hit anyone, that we know of, but he did behave in a childish, shitty way, which is pretty much exactly what we've come to expect. He refused to stand up during a pretty much unanimous standing ovation for when Frank Ocean beat him in the Best Contemporary Urban Album category. The same Frank Ocean he reportedly physically attacked and homophobically abused just the other day. He's a classy guy, our Chris.

As you can see in this video, everyone's standing up for Frank. He deserves a standing ovation. Not just because Channel Orange is a great album, but also because this is his first Grammys since coming out, and people respect him for that. We're not sure if the best bit is the bit where Adele gives Chris Brown some serious side-eye (about 00:10) for sitting down during a standing ovation, like a big stupid baby, or the bit where Frank Ocean pretends he hasn't even noticed Chris (00:06).

Imagine being such a dickhead that Adele gives you side-eye. Imagine!

Not giving Chris side-eye is Rihanna, who recently confirmed that she and he are knocking boots once more, and that he's a changed man (because homophobic parking lot brawls and childish huffs really say 'changed man'...) and it seems they might even be engaged...? Rihanna took to the stage to perform, and appeared to be wearing an engagement ring. If it is, then we can only assume Rihanna and Chris are trying to send some kind of message, hinting at their impending nuptials at the award ceremony that provided a backdrop for the time he tried to kill her... If only we knew what they're trying to say...

Or it could just be a ring that happens to be on her engagement finger. We won't know until we get further photographic proof, which will probably be in the form of an Instagram of Rihanna smoking waccy baccy in her tights.


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