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Chris Brown Refused to Stand Up for Frank Ocean at 2013 Grammys (Photos)

The testy relationship between Chris Brown and Frank Ocean has been something of a hot topic as of late, what with former allegedly punching the latter over a parking spot and all.

Naturally, the number one thing on everyone’s mind heading into Sunday night was: how would the pair's animosity towards one another impact their behavior at the Grammys?


Ocean took home the Urban Contemporary Album award for his album Channel Orange, and while some members of the audience gave Ocean a standing ovation, Chris Brown was not among them (even though he was sitting front and center). Brown, who was nominated for the same award, stayed seated next to Rihanna as Ocean took the stage.

The assault case between Ocean and Brown is set to be closed, but that didn’t stop fans from tweeting about the apparent jealousy present at the Grammys Sunday night.

“Chris Brown was the only one who didn’t stand up when Frank Ocean won lol” tweeted one fan (via MTV). Another fan used the hashtag: “#ThatAwkwardMomentWhen Chris Brown doesn’t stand up when Frank Ocean beats him.”

Brown didn’t take home any Grammys this year.

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