Chris Brown Kicked Out of Anger Management Rehab


Chris Brown was kicked out of anger management rehab after throwing a rock through his mom’s car window, according to the treatment center.

The incident occurred on Nov. 10 after the singer proposed shortening his stay due to limited phone access. When his mother disagreed with his plans, he took his anger out on her car.

He was immediately discharged and told he could leave because he had signed a non-violent contract when he initially entered the program.

On Wednesday, Judge James Brandlin ordered Brown to complete 90 days of residential rehab and submit to periodic drug testing. Brown must stay in Los Angeles for his treatment and continue to work at his labor sentence 24 hours a week.

In a probation report, officer’s stated that Brown had Attention Deficit Disorder and underwent a period of depression in August.

In addition to his most recent bout of anger, Brown was arrested with his body guard in Washington D.C. for allegedly punching a man and breaking his nose.

Prosecutors managed to dropped the charge down to a misdemeanor.

Sources: NY Daily News, CNN


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