Chris Brown Headed Back to Jail?


Turns out that acting like a homicidal maniac is not the wisest thing to do when you're on probation. After Chris Brown broke a window with a chair this morning, ABC staffers called the police to document the broken window, which pretty much means he's screwed. TMZ says:

During the conversation between the staffer and a glass repairman, the staffer says "I have a police officer coming just to take a look at it before we do any work." Despite the conversation, NYPD sources tell us ... none of their officers were dispatched to the scene.

If Chris did indeed smash the window, it probably constitutes at least 2 crimes -- vandalism and assault on the passersby below. As a result, the judge in the Rihanna battery case could revoke Chris' probation and, worst case scenario, he could end up in prison.

Whatever, prison is nothing to Chris Brown. Have you seen his tattoos? They're pretty damn intimidating. Based on my years of bar-hopping experience, guys with that many tattoos are very tough and strong -- especially if they're wearing a really tight "TapouT" shirt.

Once Chris starts calling everyone "faggot" and "bro," those guys in prison will know he's not to be messed with.

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