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Chris Brown Denies Making Gay Slur Against Frank Ocean

Did Chris Brown make a homophobic statement against fellow R&B singer Frank Ocean?

Frank Ocean made headlines a few weeks ago when he revealed that he had fallen in love with another man when he was 19. The news came right before his debut album channel ORANGE was released.

So here’s the situation according to reports

“While leaving Gotha nightclub in Cannes, Chris Brown had some choice words for a paparazzi who asked him about R&B Crooner Frank Ocean. While entering his vehicle Brown responded ‘Man, no homo!’”

Obviously a statement like this didn’t go over well and Chris had once again found himself as the target of criticism (as he should be).

Brown took to his twitter to deny the allegations saying:

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a confrontation between the two R&B stars.

Not only have they had the occasional Twitter war, but it was even reported that Brown allegedly sent people to chase Ocean’s car back in 2011.

So whose side are you on: Chris Brown or Frank Ocean?

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