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Chris Brown Denied Entry into Europe, Cancels Tour

Note to Chris Brown, Europe does not want you…so pack up your bags and head back to the States. At least that’s what he’s been forced to do after being denied entrance into Europe.

Chris has also canceled his European tour and he used Twitter to tell his fans how sorry he is about it. Check out his statement on Twitter, which has since been deleted:

So he wants us all to think that he actually got denied entry into the entire continent? My educated guess is that the cancellation stemmed from poor ticket sales. Everyone probably still thinks that he’s a douchebag, so I can understand this. I also understand that he has a felony and may not have been able to obtain a work visa, so times might be hard for the rapper.

He is making some money, though. It seems that he is using his Twitter account to display ads. You can be sure that he’s not deleting those.

Note to Chris, though, we don’t want you either, so please infect another area of the globe with your crap. Kthnxbai.

Tell me really…what did you think when you read the headline here? If you thought “loser”, then you are not alone.

From Allie is Wired


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