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I Love it: Chris Brown Can't Go to Europe

Chris Brown won't be working in the UK or the Irish Republic anytime soon. Chris had been scheduled to play several concerts in in England and Ireland and Scotland but the UK would not give him a work visa.

Why? Because he was convicted of a serious offense. I LOVE it. All countries in the world should keep him from making a living there. They can't do anything about record sales or having him visit as a tourist but they can keep him from coming to their country and working or appearing on television or anything else which would help him make money.

Concert promoters are telling people to hang on to their tickets because they think the dates can be arranged. Umm, it took Snoop four years to get a work visa again after being denied. Of course he did vandalize a British Airways lounge, a duty free store in a London airport and injured six police officers.

Still though, the general perception is that he is a nice guy and he spent lots of time and money and effort to get his work visa back. Chris Brown has none of that going for him and no talent.


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