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Chris Brown and Rihanna Back Together, Brown Apologizes For Their Big Fight (Report)

Earlier this week, E! News reported that Chris Brown and Rihanna had split, but yesterday Rihanna posted a picture of the two together. According to reports, Brown apologized to Rihanna for their big fight.

“[Chris] told her he was sorry for being a jerk and he gave her a wrapped bottle of Ace of Spades," a source told HollywoodLife. "He gave it to her and was like ‘sip on this when you’re on tour and need a minute alone. Think of [me] – I love you.’”

Rihanna tweeted a picture of the two together in the car, they were later spotted shopping together.

“[Rihanna and Chris] chilled and enjoyed each other,” the source continued. “Chris came through for [Rihanna] and has been there for her since she got back in town.”

The couple were said to be fighting over Brown’s backing out of their plans together at the last minute.

“Chris was supposed to be with Rihanna and spend a night, but at the last minute, he flaked and told her some bulls*** a** excuse and she was over it,” the source explains. “She feels like he’s not serious enough at times and it frustrates the f*** out of her. She blew up at him over the phone. They went back and forth and I guess he didn’t want to hear what she had to say, so he hung up.”

After the fight, Brown had to find a way to make it up to Rihanna.

“Chris is always doing little s*** like that that’s genuine because sometimes he does f*** up and doesn’t really mean to. Rihanna thought it was cute," the source said. "She told Chris that she loved him and misses him. She jokingly told him, “Don’t be hanging up on my  ass,’ and that was that. They laughed about that  because it wasn’t a big deal — been there, done that.”


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