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Chris Brown and Drake to Sue Each Other?

Because it wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without us reminding everyone how much we love calling Chris Brown and Drake douchebags, Brown and Drake have decided to sue each other over a club brawl that occurred this past June.

Model Roman Julien filed a lawsuit against both awful R&B singers for injuries he states he sustained. And of course, neither Brown or Drake want to take the blame and act like adults, so they have both asked a judge to order the other pay in case Julien wins his case. Julien is a man, so I am not surprised Brown is not taking the blame, fighting with the same sex is just not his style.

A lot of legal drama has sprouted from this infamous night brawl, as last June, French NBA player, Tony Parker, filed a $20 million lawsuit against W.i.P, the night club where the brawl occurred, and the owner of W.i.P turned right around and sued Brown and Drake for $16 million over damages.

While everyone is throwing around lawsuits, I would like to sue Brown and Drake for $100 million for not only producing awful music, but for creating things like “Team Breezy” and “YOLO.” But then again, I should also be thanking the small amount of brain cells that both of these men have because they help fill slow news days with their antics.

What do you think of Brown and Drake suing each other?


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