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'Chozen,' A Television Show About A White, Gay Rapper Is Set To Premiere On FX

"Chozen," an animated series about a white, gay rapper, is set to premiere on the FX network. The series will focus on a rapper who just got out of prison. The team behind "Chozen" is the same creative team behind the series "Eastbound & Dawn."

Voicing the characters for "Chozen" are Grant Dekernion, Bobby Moynihan, Hannibal Buress, Michael Pena, Nick Swardson, Danny McBride, Kathryn Hahn and Method Man.

Dekernion will also be writing the rap songs for the show.

“It’s great to be in business with Grant, Danny, Jody, David and Rough House and this is the perfect first series order for FXX,” said Nick Grad, the new president of original programming for FX Networks and FX Productions, in a statement. "'Chozen' is an outrageous and ballsy comedy, but it’s also a very smart examination of the rap culture.”


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