Chinese Businessman Destroys His Maserati After Dealership Makes Him Mad

A Chinese entrepreneur was angry about receiving poor service at a Maserati dealer, and so decided to destroy his $420,000 car.

The man, only identified as "Wang," made the decision to trash his Maserati Quattroporte supercar in Qingdao, China after the dealership fixed his car with old parts instead of new ones. They also charged him for new parts.

The mechanics also scratched the paint on his car. 

Understandably mad, the man decided to park his car outside the Qingdao Exhibition Center and be done with it for good. He hired a man to take a sledgehammer to the vehicle and beat it dead. 

A video captures the event, where the men have trouble putting a dent in the car at first. But eventually, they start doing some real damage.

The dealership has not commented on the video.

It seems to be a copycat performance of the destruction of a Lamborghini Gallardo in 2011. The high-performance car was destroyed on World Consumer Rights Day when the owner had had enough of driving it.

Sources: Inquisitr, SCMP


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