Child From U2 Album Covers is now 37 Years Old

Peter Rowen, who appeared on the covers of the U2 albums 'Boy' (1980) and 'War' (1983) as a child, is now a 37-year-old photographer and father living in Dublin. Still close with Bono and The Edge, Rowen photographed the band's Dublin concert two years ago. U2 has also used one of his pictures for a t-shirt and a poster.

Rowen, who says he rarely gets recognized, was chosen to be the cover subject because he grew up near Bono in Ireland: "Bono lived across the road and was friends with my brother. I don't know why they thought of me."

Rowen was 5 when he shot the cover of 'Boy' and 8 when he sat for 'War.'

Although it was many years ago, Rowen does still hold some memories of the 'War' cover: "Bono was driving us back from Dun Laoighaire, Ireland (where the photo was taken). He was talking to someone in the backseat and someone shouted to watch out for a car. I was nearly in (the) crash."

'Boy,' which spawned the Top 20 hit 'I Will Follow,' went platinum, while 'War' sold more 11 million copies worldwide, thanks to singles 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' and 'New Year’s Day.'


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