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Chevrolet Silverado's "Damned" NFL Commercial (Video)

Trucks. Football. Tailgates. Raw kale salads?

It’s easy to spot which of these items doesn’t fit in with the others, even though all four were central to a Chevrolet Silverado commercial that aired during some recent NFL games.

The 30-second ad does a pretty unsurprising job of commenting and relying on gender stereotypes, but it’s not gender stereotyping that the American Family Association (AFA) was critical of.

Instead, the AFA jumped on the commercial’s “profanity-laced” voice-over, and bashed it as featuring “gutter language.” All this wordy criticism was directed at the commercial’s “damning” of some tailgate activities.

The AFA’s statement complained that the commercial’s “announcer forcefully declares some tailgating activities should ‘be damned.’”

“Chevrolet’s use of profanity is irresponsible and offensive,” it continued. “It is extremely destructiving and damaging to impressionable children viewing the commercial.”

On their official website, the AFA urged that people “politely contact [their] local Chevrolet dealer” and “let them know the company is hurting their local dealership by offending customers.”

The AFA also encouraged that people tweet the following message: “@chevrolet drop the profanity from your ad! #SilveradoStrong.”

The Twitter, Facebook, and dealership crusade proved effective; The AFA was successful in pressuring Chevrolet to pull the commercial.


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