Brit Star Cheryl Cole Dropped as "X Factor" Judge for Accent?


Cheryl Cole is reportedly seething after being dropped from the judging panel of X Factor because her accent is too thick and producers fear Americans may have a difficult time understanding her.

Can you blame her? It’s already been publicly announced that she would be on the show, she’s done promos, shown up to the X Factor auditions, I mean, how embarrassing for her! I would be LIVID too. Supposedly another reason she was let go is that she and Paula Abdul didn’t have very good chemistry on set. You know what that means, Paula probably didn’t like her.

I call rubbish on this accent jive talk! Listen to Cheryl Cole yourself, my fellow Americans. I mean really, is she that difficult to understand? Sounds like a pathetic excuse by the X Factor camp to say the least.

The lady taking her place? Nicole Scherzinger. Shocking, I know. Yes, I am being sarcastic. X Factor producers want Cheryl Cole to return to the UK to take part of X Factor there, but she’s so angry right now she can’t see straight.

Do you think Cheryl Cole got the shaft from X Factor, or were they justified in their decision?


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