Cheryl Cole Invited Back to "X-Factor" After Being Fired?


Just two weeks after Cheryl Cole was fired by X-Factor, she has reportedly been offered a chance to return.  But will she?

Singer Cheryl Cole, 27, received the offer and there is no confirmation on her acceptance yet.

The former U.K. X-Factor judge and Girls Aloud singer was let go from the show May 25 and was replaced with the show’s co-host, former Pussycat Dolls lead singer Nicole Scherzinger.

X-Factor producers never stated exactly why Cheryl was sent packing but several sources said it was due to Cole’s heavy English accent.

If Cheryl does agree to return, it’s unclear if Scherzinger will go back to her original co-hosting position with Steve Jones.

The firing of Cheryl Cole seems ridiculous and the scandal was made into a funny video by comedian Jenny Bede.

Check out Jenny Bede’s funny Cheryl Cole X-Factor Scandal parody video:



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