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British Pop Star Cheryl Cole Has Serious Case of Malaria

According to the Daily Mail, Cheryl Cole‘s malaria is worse than expected, as she now has fluid on her lungs. She and rumoured lover, Dancing With The Stars’Derek Hough, travelled to Tanzania, where it is believe she was bitten by an infected mosquito with the disease.

An hospital visitor at the hospital where Cheryl is in ICU said:

I’ve seen Cheryl’s mum and Derek in there. They stayed overnight last night. I overheard Derek on his phone saying she’s got fluid on her lungs."

Last night, a close friend of the singer’s told the Mail:

She has got fluid on the lungs. She’s not good, no. She’s still in intensive care so it doesn’t look like she’ll be out of hospital for a while yet."

Apparently Derek‘s stepfather Aaron Nelson, 54, told The Sun:

Derek feels guilty. He is very distressed about all this. He feels he has done this to her. He rang his mom yesterday in tears.

Derek feels it’s all his fault.He organised the holiday as something wonderful.For it to end up like this is terrible.He feels dreadful."

It is believed that Cheryl is suffering from falciparum malaria, which is the deadliest form of the disease. It is believed she caught the disease in time and will not suffer organ damage as a result, but that it will be weeks before she is up and about.

I don’t know how accurate these reports are, because I don’t know if these magazines are credible or not, but regardless, we wish Cheryl a complete recovery and send our prayers to her family and friends.

Photo:  WENN


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