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Coming Soon: Musical About Singer Cher's Life

Coming soon:Cher, the musical.

News just in says You Again director Andy Fickman has announced plans to create a “theatrical piece”, based on the diva’s life, and bring it to the stage.

Fickman tells PopEater: “We’ll be making announcements about that project coming together shortly. She’s a fairly phenomenal character, Cher – as a human being I think she’s one of the great icons of all time, a force to be reckoned with. The way she looked onstage with Lady Gaga, well, it’s one for the books.”

Now that deserves a thundering seal clap! Boom!

While we wait for the musical extravaganza, I just had to show you this holy moly! snap of Cher at the VMAs…ooh, it’s begging for a caption…


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