Chelsea Handler to End 'Chelsea Lately', Leave E!


Chelsea Handler will leave E! and step down from her late night show “Chelsea Lately” after her contract runs out, according to her manager Irving Azoff.

“She hired me to figure out her life after E!” Azoff said. “We have at least seven suitors and many ideas.”

Azoff added that Handler’s new platform could include a radio presence, a nightly or weekly show and a possible connection to Netflix.

Handler's managers have been setting up meetings with Sony Television, Lionsgate and FX, though it’s unclear whether the companies will be interested or not in Handler’s content.

A source from one company that’s been contacted said that it’s unlikely anyone will pay Handler as much as E! does. The late night talk show host currently makes about $9 million a year.

Handler has long complained about her frustration with E! In March, she described it as a “sad, sad place to live” and that they have no ideas.

A source at one company on Handler’s list of suitors noted that some networks may be scared of receiving the same criticism.

Sources: NY Daily News, Hollywood Reporter


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