Cheerios' Interracial Family Returns for Super Bowl Ad, Stirs Controversy (Video)


Cheerios received a wave of mixed feedback for its Super Bowl ad featuring an interracial family, forcing the cereal company to turn off all Youtube comments.

The same family was featured in a Cheerios commercial last year, which sparked an equal amount of controversy. At the time, General Mills said it cast the actors to reflect the changing U.S. population, and continued to run the ad for several months as planned.

Weeks after the ad made headlines, CEO Ken Powell reported that Cheerios’ sales performance was benefiting from the advertisement.

In the new advertisement, a father uses cheerios to represent each member of the family. He adds an extra cheerio and says that his daughter will soon have a little brother.

The girl looks hesitant at first, then adds another cheerio and replies: “And, a puppy.”

A spokesman for General Mills said the ad is set to air during the first unscheduled time out during the Super Bowl.

Sources: MSN, NY Daily News


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