Chaz Bono Dusts off Dancing Shoes, After White Powder Scare


'Dancing With The Stars' was back on its feet today after yesterday's white powder envelope scare. Chaz Bono, partner Lacey Schwimmer and several of the other stars put on their dancing shoes to attend rehearsals.

Yesterday, police and emergency vehicles arrived at the CBS studios in Hollywood after white powder spilled out of a letter in the mail room.

The envelope was simply addressed to 'Dancing With The Stars,' not one individual. The LAPD said the powder was harmless after a Hazmat team was called to CBS to test it.

Richard French, a spokesman for the LAPD, said no one was exposed to the powder and no injury has been reported. CBS spokesman Chris Ender said: "Outside of mailroom operations being suspended for a few hours, no business operations or show productions were affected."

White powder has repeatedly been discovered in the mail at CBS causing anthrax scares, the Associated Press reports.

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