Charlize Theron Dishes on Motherhood


Motherhood has changed Charlize Theron‘s entire world.

In an interview with E! News over the weekend, she revealed that being a mom to her baby boy Jackson was everything she’d hoped for and feels incredibly right. More than that, she admits she feels like she can’t remember anything prior to having Jackson in her life.

Theron was in London promoting her new film Snow White and the Huntsman and spent her first Mother’s Day there. Her mom and Jackson accompanied her and Theron spent her morning snuggling with Jackson.

Theron has admitted to being amazed at how quickly her bond with her son began. She calls it an overwhelming sensation of love and that every day she loves him more.

A source close to Theron recently told US Weekly that Theron has always wanted to be a mom and is glad she was able to do it on her own.


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