Nitro Pills: Charlie Sheen Now Plans for Drug Overdoses


Charlie Sheen has been on a roller coaster of up and down drug binges the last six months. He has also been on a campaign of ranting and rambling video posts with people speculating that he is either stoned, bipolar or just plain nuts. 

One thing that is a fact is that he has ended up in the hospital after hard core drug use. The National Enquirer claims he has had at least four drug overdoses and only survived them thanks to the quick thinking of his friends, family and employees.

Furthermore they claim:

The actor’s overdoses have become so predictable that he now actually plans for them in advance, continued the insider. Charlie reportedly carries sublingual (under the tongue) nitroglycerin pills with him when he’s using cocaine.

When his drug intake reaches the point that his heart rate starts to increase dramatically, Charlie pops a pill – believing it prevents a deadly heart attack.

The National Enquirer is not always right but considering some of Charlie’s recent behaviour and the facts that we know it does not seem hard to believe.

Needless to say sublingual nitro is a great drug and prevents episodes of angina from turning into full blow heart attacks and has helped countless people with heart conditions getting them to the hospital before appreciable damage has occurred. 

But thinking or hoping that it will save you from a crack cocaine overdose is beyond stupid. Charlie is good at beating the system and we hope his luck does not run out.


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