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Porn Star with Charlie Sheen During Meltdown Plans TV Tell-All

Charlie Sheen’s porn star buddy is about to dish the dirt on the actor’s infamous hotel room meltdown.

Capri Anderson, the woman who was reportedly found naked and holed up in Sheen’s New York hotel room last month, is set to speak out in her first television interview on Monday.

Anderson has flown to NYC, accompanied by her lawyer, of course, for an appearance on Good Morning America and Nightline.

Sheen was hospitalised after an epic meltdown in his NYC hotel room last month. His rep called it an “allergic reaction” to medication.

Reports claim Anderson locked herself in the hotel room’s bathroom when Sheen went on a rampage, tossing furniture and chucking a tanty because he couldn’t find his watch.

Sources say Anderson’s take on things is far “more violent” that what’s already been reported.



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