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Bigger Public Breakdown: Charlie Sheen or Britney Spears?

I used to think that no celebrity would ever manage to reach the sacred spot that Britney Spears reached several years ago. I did not think anyone could melt down in a more dramatic way.

You have to admit that it was going to be tough to beat shaving off your head, checking into several different hotels each day, the ambulance rides, and just the car wreck like quality of watching all that hard earned work going into one big meltdown.

Charlie Sheen may have topped Britney though. What you have is a guy who worked a few months a year and made about $50M for his efforts and he is throwing it all away. That alone should put him on almost equal level with Britney.

Charlie will never earn that kind of money again. Will not even come close. Plus, the way he is going about all of this is just further burying him in a hole. As much money as Charlie has made over the past several years, I would not be shocked if he blows it all. Maybe not bankrupt blows it all, but very close.

Yesterday, Charlie went on an anti-Semitic rant against Chuck Lorre. He also said that Chuck was crap and that it was only Charlie's stellar acting skills that made the show work. Charlie has also said that he is going to have his own show on HBO, is making another Major League and that Brooke has left the foursome.

Oh, and Charlie has also decided that AA is for losers because they only have a 5% success rate and Charlie says he succeeds 100% of the time. Uh yeah.

Here is my prediction. If Charlie Sheen is not in a real rehab in a month, he will be dead or seriously impaired forever.


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