Charlie Sheen Cashes in on 'Winning' and 'Tiger Blood'


Charlie Sheen is cashing in on his booming fame and exposure and will release his own official line of merchandise including T-shirts quoting his much talked about ‘meltdown’ interviews. Why not, Kim Kardashian does something similar with vastly less talent and notoriety backing her up.

Charlie’s marketing people figure that the hot ticket item will be Sheen-inspired “WINNING” T-shirts and the Two and a Half Men star has ordered a first print run of 50,000!

Sheen, 45, who smashed the Guinness World Record for soaring past the 1 million follower mark on Twitter in a little over 24 hours, is also contemplating endorsing products such as organic tiger blood since he claims its tiger blood which runs through his veins.

Since the beginning of Sheen’s multi-topic tirades, from smashing Chuck Lorre and AA to defending his non-conformist harem-like home lifestyle, unauthorized products including clothing, coffee mugs and decals have been produced to capitalize on the mania of  the actor and the curiosity surrounding this.  So why shouldn’t Charlie capitalize on this craze himself? 

Be the first on your bock to sport a Charlie Sheen original T-shirt ‘ “AA Is For Losers” or something else equally obnoxious.


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