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Charlie Sheen Back on 'Two and a Half Men,' if He Apologizes?

Winning warlock Charlie Sheen brought his My Violent Torpedo Of Truth tour to Cleveland, Ohio last night — and we’ve got some exclusive details for you!

Charlie was ripped, as he exchanged shirts with an older lady in the audience. Afterward, he asked the crowd if we liked his show, Two And A Half Men. It was a mixed reaction, but most of the crowd said yes. Then, he asked if we would like to see him back on the show — and the crowd went nuts.

He said that we’d have to write to these people and tell them that we want him back on the show. He asked if he would go back and said, “YES!” He said, “They fired ME, remember?”

So if fans wish to see Charlie return to the small screen, then we have to write into CBS and let Chuck Lorre know that we miss our favorite warlock on the best show on television.

But — there is one snag. They want him to write an apology letter. He said that he could do that and have it be dripping with sincerity, yet have the letter be totally sarcastic. He wanted to draft the letter right then. Of course, the crowd went crazy.

Cleveland absolutely loved Charlie! Do you want to see him back on the show? Let us know in the comments!


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