Charlie Sheen to Endorse "Sugar Daddy" Website

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Earlier this week, Charlie Sheen received an offer he cannot refuse. The social networking site,, has offered Charlie $3,000,000 to endorse their website for three years.

So what is all about? Well, it is a social networking site for rich, ‘Established’ men seeking beautiful, needy women (Gold Diggers).

According to TMZ, the website would be hired as president of Established Men. As president, Charlie would be running sales, promotions, and advertising in return for a 50% interest in the site.

Also a big plus for Charlie would be that they could not fire him for ‘moral turpitude.’ So now he would be free to have as many strippers, porn stars and cocaine parties as he desires.

The only down side for Charlie would be that the deal is exclusive, which means he would not be able to work for anyone else.

But, it’s not like he’s doing much anyways. I say take the job Charlie!

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