Charlie Sheen Receives Over 74,000 Applicants For His Internship


Charlie Sheen and his goddesses have their hands full sorting through the 74,000 applicants they have received from over 181 countries. One would have to stay awake all night. Not that he sleeps much anyways.

Charlie Sheen Pretty Much Hates Everyone – Video (NSFW)

The job is for a social media intern and the ‘winning’ applicant will be paid for the 8-week position. I’m sure if you applied with a sex tape, naked pictures or an invitation to party you will go to the top of the list.

But be quick kittens as you only have until Friday before this opportunity of a lifetime is gone. Would you ever work for him? Could you work for him? Personally I think it would be such a dysfunctional environment what with the ‘yes’ people he surrounds himself with. But that’s just me. I’m probably jealous, lol. #Jealous

Photos: TMZ


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