Charlie Sheen Paid $25 Million For Being Fired


Charlie Sheen getting fired from Two and A Half Men is kind of like what winning the lottery would feel like to you and I. In his settlement, Charlie Sheen is getting $25 Million from Warner Bros within a couple of weeks (can you freaking imagine knowing that much money is coming to you?) and will get more over time.

And by more I mean $100 million. That's over a 5-7 year span, mind you, but that's STILL $14-20 Million PER FREAKING YEAR. And that's all because he filmed 180 episodes in his final year and that $100 million represents syndication profits. Please shoot me.

You know, Charlie was smart enough to have that negotiated into his contract and he did the work so power to him. The downside is that he may find it difficult to work in Hollywood, but with that kind of money he can buy his own projects.

What do you think: too much or good for him?


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