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Charlie Sheen Does Interview With 20/20, Passes Drug Test

Charlie Sheen is giving his first interview since his public fight with Two and A Half Men’s creator, producer and writer Chuck Lorre.

The actor’s interview with 20/20 is the first ‘formal’ interview since the show has been shut down for the season. And I say ‘formal’ because he’s been calling into various radio stations, texting to media outlets and sending emails ranting and raging about his lifestyle choice and Chuck Lorre in general.

His interview will air on Tuesday, March 1, 2011 at 10 p.m. ET where he spoke with Andrea Canning. In addition to that a preview of the interview will appear on Good Morning America although it’s uncertain if that’s tomorrow or Tuesday morning.

In addition to that RadarOnline is reporting exclusively that the drug  test they gave Charlie Sheen PASSED. It was clear of drugs. *crickets* I know, right? Did someone actually watch him wizz into the container? Apparently so according to the story.

They had previously reported that if Charlie’s urine came back negative, Dylan Howard of RadarOnline would have to drink it! Can you get STD’s from drinking urine? Just wondering.

Charlie has pretty much called Chuck Lorre and the executives at CBS and Warner Brothers the devil so it’s unclear what more he could possibly say, but one thing is pretty certain after that interview: he will have burned that bridge down to the ground.

And his rants about being in talks to move over to HBO? They don’t exist.

Will you be watching the Charlie Sheen interview with 20/20?


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