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Charlie Sheen Headed to Jail Next Week, Hookers Book Vacations

Sometime next week, Charlie Sheen will enter his plea of guilty to something related to the Christmas Day assault on his wife. It will probably be something like criminal mischief that he pleads guilty to.

You know, something like vandalism or urinating in public because those charges are really, really close to holding a knife to your wife's throat.

Anyway, Charlie's 30 day sentence will probably be reduced to 15 for time served. After he is released he will not be on probation and not have to do anything or be nice or subject himself to drug tests and won't have a felony on his record.

I am also sure that after two weeks in jail with no porn and no strippers that the hookers and strippers of the western US and Canada might want to take a vacation while he is in jail. He will have two weeks of frustrations and a few hundred thousand to spend.

Meanwhile his wife and kids will be at home and his other kids will be at their respective mother's houses. They all must be so proud.


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