No Gossip from Charlie Sheen's Eldest Daughter Cassandra Estevez

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We’ve been hearing none stop news lately about Charlie Sheen, and if you haven’t – you have your head in the clouds. If you’re someone like myself who is wondering what his children will think of his latest antics and drug issues, we seem to have forgotten about Mr. Sheen’s eldest daughter, Cassandra Estevez

Born to the actor and his high school sweetheart Paula Speert, Charlie was only 19 when he became a father for the first time. Charlie is said to be an active part of Cassandra’s life, having just walked her down the aisle last year when she married her childhood sweetheart in Santa Barbara. 

Cassandra, 26, was close to Sheen’s now ex Brooke Mueller, and back in 2007 the two women were spotted together at an Emmy gift suite. They could, after all, almost be sisters… 

Cassandra’s thoughts on the recent events and media circus surrounding her father’s life according to Eonline, “This is not my time to come forward. Someday I will, but not now.”

Do tell! Do tell! One can only imagine what wonderful Sheen stories await us..…


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