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Charlie Sheen Gives Denise Richards Full Custody of Daughters

Charlie Sheen gave up legal custody of Sam and Lola to Denise Richards about two weeks ago. According to TMZ, Denise had enough of Charlie being with hookers (ha) and doing drugs and the drama at home, and got him to give up legal custody of the children they had together.

Previously, the couple had shared legal custody. Charlie didn't even put up a fight. On the other hand, that is probably a good thing, or someone might have got killed.

Also, his kids with Brooke are worth more than his kids with Denise. Currently Charlie pays Denise about $50K a month in child support plus school and medical and all that, which makes it all about $120K a month. Brooke, on the other hand, will get $55K a month plus medical, schooling and stuff, so will get about $125K a month.

That means Charlie will be back on Two And A Half Men. He has to be. He can't afford not to. Between his kids and hookers and drugs and agents and managers and taxes, I can't imagine how he has much left.


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