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Charlie Sheen Drunken Rampage Case Dropped by Police

Charlie Sheen gets away with everything and gets paid way too much, all at the same time. It drives me nuts. I certainly don’t think that Capri Anderson was honest or attempting to press charges for the right reasons.

She’s a total gold digger. She’s a hooker. Enough said. The cops say that Sheen wasn’t committing any sort of crime and the whole case is being dropped, according to TMZ.

But Charlie Sheen is a constant train wreck that just won’t stop. He did screw up that night in the Plaza Hotel in NYC.

He was raging drunk and naked. He’s completely unstable and somehow gets to continue on this path, renewing his contract for Two and a Half Men, getting $2 million an episode. Charlie Sheen is so not worth that.

Something’s gotta give here, people. Charlie Sheen needs help, but he sooo doesn’t want it. How pathetic.


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