Latest Charlie Sheen Twist: He Files for Divorce


According toPeople magazine, Charlie filed for divorce on Monday. He and Brooke Mueller have been married since 2008 and have one year old twin sons together.

The couple’s relationship went down the tubes last Christmas when they

were involved in a heated, drunken fight. They separated in April and have both been in and out of rehab ever since. It’s rumored that both have been battling cocaine addictions as well.

In the most recent twist, Charlie Sheen was hospitalized after going on a drug and alcohol binge while in New York last week. An escort who was with Charlie in his hotel room claims that he went on a naked rampage, trashing his room and beating on the door of the bathroom she had locked herself in.

Charlie Sheen’s publicist denies the drug and alcohol binge insisting his client had an allergic reaction to prescribed medications.

Sheen has since returned to Los Angeles.

In the Charlie Sheen/ Brooke Mueller divorce the couple have agreed to share custody of their children. The divorce will most certainly cost Sheen, who is reportedly going to have to shell out $55,000 a month in child support and will have to pay Brooke a lump sum of more than $750,000.


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