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Charlie Sheen Hit Ex-Wife Three Months Before Christmas Incident

So guess what? The District Attorney in Aspen had a police report that said that Brooke Mueller got the crap beat out of her by Charlie Sheen three months prior to the Christmas death threats.

When police were investigating the December death threats and violence, Broke told police that three months prior she had confronted Charlie about his hooker use and that he threw her around like a "rag doll." He threw her head into a piece of furniture which caused a closed head injury, a CAT scan and treatment by multiple physicians. She told this same story during three separate interviews with Aspen police.

When Aspen police asked Charlie about this he said, "it was inadvertent." He was "trying to restrain her. It was an accident."

Aspen does not care at all about Brooke or any other woman who gets beat up. It's obvious. Yes, Brooke has done drugs and has a shady past, but that does not give anyone the right to beat her. Yes, she should have known that Charlie has a history of domestic violence towards women, but that does not give him any right to slam her head into furniture. If the District Attorney job is elected in that county, I would hope someone will give him a fight in the next election. I am guessing it must be a guy, because I am hoping a woman would have never let Charlie walk like this.

There is so much more that this site has dug up and they have read all the police reports. It is a must read today.


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