Charlie Sheen Badmouths Judge In Sons' Custody Case


Charlie Sheen has knocked the judge who refused to give him custody of his twin sons.  The comic star insists the ruling is a “s**t sandwich.”

The Sheen Machine lost his court battle against former wife Brooke Mueller for their two-year-old sons Bob and Max last month, even though she is now in rehab after refusing to take a court ordered drug test.

He said: “I thought it was a s**t sandwich. Two slices of bread filled with s**t. Seemed like there were rules in place and it seemed like someone didn’t follow them. And there’s no consequences, so I don’t get it. System is broke, you know.”

Instead of receiving the full custody he was seeking, for the next two months, Charlie will have the boys every other weekend from Saturday morning to Monday morning. After that – provided both he and Brooke stay alcohol and drug free – he will also have them Wednesday morning through to Thursday morning.

What Charlie fails to consider here is that Brooke reverting (again!) to being irresponsible junkie does not make Charlie any better than he is – and that is not that great! The judge probably wishes both parents would just disappear and leave the poor kids to some nice normal people.

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