Charlie Sheen Adds Third “Goddess”: Megan Levant


Charlie Sheen has reportedly added a third woman to his “goddess” posse.

Sources report Megan Levant, 26, has been seen coming and going from Charlie’s estate where he lives with his two girlfriends, Natalie Kenly and Bree Olson.

Megan, who is said to be a regular in the Los Angeles party scene, has told friends she has been involved with Sheen for several months.

Friends think she is a great fit to join Charlie’s goddesses.

A friend close to Megan says, “Megan is well-known on the club scene – mostly for her filthy antics. She often goes out wearing next to nothing and is not shy about sex.

“She loves porn and is a regular visitor to the Playboy Mansion.”

Megan’s twitter profile, which has now miraculously been deleted, stated, “I like porn and vodka. If you feel the urge to rescue a dog in need of a home – call me.”

Sheen’s other two live-in girlfriends, Bree and Natalie, have previously said they would be happy for more girls to join them.


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