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Charlie Sheen Accidentally Tweets His Phone Number

Charlie Sheen says a lot of stupid things, yet now he has taken it to a whole new level by tweeting before thinking. accidentally

Charlie was attepting to send a private message that included his personal phone number to Justin Bieber, yet he didn't send it as a private message but rather as an actual tweet. Yup!!

via E! News-

"310-954-7277 Call me, bro. C," in a message reportedly meant for the Biebs. The tweet has wisely since been removed (and his number disconnected and changed), but not before receiving 1800 text messages and countless more actual phone calls all in a matter of minutes.

Sheen's rep confirms that Sheen was eating dinner at Guy Savoy restaurant in Las Vegas when he sent out the message, but that the actor took the oops in stride, answering some of the phone calls either "Ray's Pizza," or, of course, "Winning."

Oh Charlie... and he wasn't even trying to be stupid this time...


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