Charlie Sheen's Character Killed on ‘Two And A Half Men’

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When Two And A Half Men makes its debut sans Charlie Sheen, the producers of the comedy are also making sure that he never has an “in” to appear on the show again.

According to reports, Charlie’s character, Charlie Harper, will die on the show, leaving no room for any return. When the show returns to the air in September, Alan and Jake will learn that Charlie has passed away.

Chuck Lorre has been tossing around scenarios for the show’s return, but sources have revealed that Charlie’s character will be toast. The first show will be filmed on August 5th, which is plenty of time to decide how they want to kill him off.

Reportedly, Ashton Kutcher enters the scene when he purchases Charlie’s home after he dies.

What do you think of that plot twist? Perhaps they’ll decide that he went down in the plane that he was taking at the end of the last episode he filmed? Or maybe they will have his character drive off of a cliff. What do you think?

How should they transition Charlie Sheen out, leaving room for Ashton? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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