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Channing Tatum Used to Work as Male Stripper

Channing Tatum stars in director Steven Soderbergh’sMagic Mike, a movie based on his own experience as a male stripper.

In an interview with Screen Rant, Tatum explained that after he revealed to Soderbergh that he was a stripper for eight months when he was only nineteen, Soderbergh thought it would be a great movie.

When discussing his stripping days, Tatum stated,

“it was really weird and it wasn’t as comfortable as I remembered it. I think I was nineteen, kind of dumb and crazy. A lot crazier than I am now. It’s really, really naked to walk out in front of a group of girls naked. And you get real reactions from them, so when you walk out and take it all off you want to get a good reaction!”

Filming the movie was a very eye-opening experience, because he  had done it before, for real.    These guys would come into the rehearsals, and I’d be like, ‘today’s the day to take those clothes off, brother! It’s going to happen sooneror later, so you have to get used to moving naked!’ It was so much fun. We had a barrel of laughs.”

Any interest in seeing the movie, Magic Mike?  Or just seeing Channing strip?


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