Hilarious: CGI Recreation of Charlie Sheen Hotel Tirade

This video recreates the incident in which Charlie Sheen got trashed on Monday night, did some lines of cocaine and went ballistic, while the porn star he was with hid in the bathroom.

You can see with detail the timeline of events, according to the woman he was with, Capri Anderson.

According to the video, Charlie spent some time with his children with Denise Richards, before retiring to his room with his “date”. Then, he woke up to find his wallet and cell phone missing, throwing him into a rage. He went nuts, naked and she hid inside the bathroom. She called security, who notified the cops.

They arrived, offering Charlie the choice of either a trip to the hospital or the local jail. He obviously chose the hospital, but later, his rep claimed that his hospitalization was due to an allergic reaction to medications.

Check out the video:

show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AG_OB-W3FQM&feature=player_embedded

Too funny.


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