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Cemetery Charges $3 to Leave Flowers For Michael Jackson

Thinking of doing a pilgrimage to Michael Jackson’s grave and leaving a wee gift for the gloved one? It’ll cost you.

Fans of MJ will now reportedly be charged US$3 if they wish to leave flowers at the star’s tomb in California.

According to TMZ, Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California has enforced a new policy whereby devotees of the hitmaker will have to cough up a ‘delivery fee’ when leaving gifts.

Sources tell the website that cemetery custodians have scrapped a stage where friends, fans and family could bring flowers and gifts to show their respect to Jackson – and have enacted a new policy.

Effective immediately, cemetery staff will take gifts for MJ inside the mausoleum – for a $3 fee. But there’s a condition – those gifts have to be flowers. Anything else will get trashed.

Poor Jacko. He’s a cash cow even in the afterlife. Tsk!


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