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Celine Dion's Neighbors: Waterpark Causing H2O Shortage

Celine Dion hasn't even moved into her new $20 million mansion/waterpark on Jupiter Island in Florida and already her neighbors hate her. And not because of that stupid song from Titanic.

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From the National Enquirer:

Neighbors rage that Celine Dion's a big drip and hurting the environment because six deep wells she dug at her $20 million dream home on ritzy Jupiter Island, Fla., are sucking up scarce, precious fresh water -- just so she and son Rene-Charles can splash around in two Olympic-size pools, a twisty slide and a lazy river.

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Fumed one neighbor: "I don't know how she got permits. The government is usually pretty restrictive with stuff like that!" (Print Edition - 5/31)

Clearly this neighbor is just jealous that Celine's lazy river is longer than hers. Or maybe she's just mad that she had to reroute her equestrian trail because of Celine's new half-mile-long driveway. Either way, I know how these two could settle their dispute . . . MONEY FIGHT!!!

God dammit, I hate the rich.

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