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Actor Tom Arnold's Sister: FBI's Most Wanted Meth Dealer

First there was Shark Week, and now The National Enquirer seems to be celebrating their own kind of week, celebrity sibling drug week.

Yesterday it was Mariah Carey's HIV+ sister, and today it is Tom Arnold's meth-dealing sister. Tom's sister was just released from prison and now she is on her way to Hollywood. Probably just what her always-fighting-to-stay-sober brother needs.

Tom's sister is coming out to LA because she is trying to get a movie made of her life. Lori Arnold Woten was one of the biggest meth producers in the Midwest and was known as Scarface In A Skirt. You know what? That seems a little extreme.

You want to see a crazy woman Scarface drug dealer, watch that movie about Miami in the '80s and that Colombian woman who ordered killing after killing. I think the movie was Cocaine Cowboys. They even made a followup to the original. Why they never made a fictional account of that woman's life, I will never know.

In an interview with The Enquirer, Lori says she had so much money at one point she had to stuff it in her walls.


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