Actor Tom Arnold's Sister: FBI's Most Wanted Meth Dealer

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First there was Shark Week, and now The National Enquirer seems to be celebrating their own kind of week, celebrity sibling drug week.

Yesterday it was Mariah Carey's HIV+ sister, and today it is Tom Arnold's meth-dealing sister. Tom's sister was just released from prison and now she is on her way to Hollywood. Probably just what her always-fighting-to-stay-sober brother needs.

Tom's sister is coming out to LA because she is trying to get a movie made of her life. Lori Arnold Woten was one of the biggest meth producers in the Midwest and was known as Scarface In A Skirt. You know what? That seems a little extreme.

You want to see a crazy woman Scarface drug dealer, watch that movie about Miami in the '80s and that Colombian woman who ordered killing after killing. I think the movie was Cocaine Cowboys. They even made a followup to the original. Why they never made a fictional account of that woman's life, I will never know.

In an interview with The Enquirer, Lori says she had so much money at one point she had to stuff it in her walls.


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