Michael Lohan, Sean Young: ‘Celebrity Rehab’ Season 5 Cast


‘Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew‘ is back and with the usual somewhat familiar, although obscure D-List celebrities.

The new cast includes media whore and all around D-Bag Michael Lohan, Actress Bai Ling and ‘Survivor’ Cast-off Jessica “Sugar” Kiper.

No word on what everyone is addicted to, but one thing is for sure the one thing they all suffer withdrawals from is the camera.

Celebrity Rehab Season 5 Cast:

Micheal Lohan: Lindsay Lohan’s dad and tabloid-hungry nobody.

Sean Young: Actress from ‘Blade Runner,’ but she is mostly known for her surprise appearance on the Joan Rivers Show dressed as Catwoman in (failed) effort to attain the role in ‘Batman Returns.'

Amy Fisher: Known as the woman who shot Mary Jo Buttafuoco and then later became a porn star.

Bai Ling: Singer and Actress, known for her role in ‘The Crow’

Steven Adler: A former member of the rock band Guns ‘n Roses, he was fired do to his heroin addiction.

Jessica ‘Sugar’ Kiper: The ‘Survivor: Gabon’ runner-up contestant.

Jeremy Jackson: Actor from the lifeguard series ‘Baywatch.’ He says he left the show because of his drug problem.

Dwight Gooden: Baseball Star from the New York Mets and the Yankees.

UPDATE (Allie): Michael Lohan… REALLY!?!

I’ll give Dr. Drew $10 to make him go away.


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