Celebrity Rehab is a Sham


When Celebrity Rehab first aired it was a great show. We got to see people who were full on addicts with a little name recognition go through the humbling process of recovery. It was great television and I had the feeling that every person on the show was there to get better and not to pick up a paycheck or fame.

Well, fast forward to this year and I look at the cast of Celebrity Rehab and I am wondering to myself what kind of addiction they have other than one for paychecks and cameras in their faces. Michael Lohan is on the show.

Supposedly to deal with his anger management problems. Please. He has been going to anger management classes for years and it has not helped. He can probably wall paper his house with restraining orders. Bai Ling is going to be on the show. I guess she is addicted to being almost naked in front of cameras and thinks Dr. Drew can help.

The Salahis from Real Housewives are also going to be on the show. I didn't realize that having bad taste was something that could be cured in rehab. The rest of the cast are people you have probably never heard of except for Dwight Gooden.

They are also the people who have real drug and addiction issues. The producers just do this so they can get enough people to fill out a cast. I also guarantee you that Michael will be in there telling the world how he is clean and sober and that all the cast should be listening to him. Uh huh.


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